Become a Partner

The Reservoir Center aims to collaborate with our partners to develop programs, public outreach events, and educational activities to advance progress towards solving global water issues or challenges. Our partnership organizations include trade associations, policy conveners, think tanks, philanthropic foundations, and academic institutions

Why should I become a RESERVOIR CENTER partner?

As a Reservoir Center partner, you become a member of a community committed to overcoming global water challenges. The Reservoir Center strives to create an environment for collaboration, inspiration, and innovation. We set our partners up for success in pursuing their mission by providing resources including programs to educate and inspire, connection with a broad network of experts in water, and space to convene with colleagues both internal and external to your organization. Partners are also featured on the Reservoir Center website and social media channels to promote our partners’ events and critical work in the water sector.

Partners may reserve spaces within the Reservoir Center, including an event space overlooking the Anacostia River for up to 100 guests. This space is ideal for hosting conferences, symposiums, seminars, workshops, trainings, and other events. The Reservoir Center also offers four conference rooms (ranging in capacity from 5 to 24 people), private offices (for one to three people), and collaborative workspaces.


What are my obligations if I become a partner?
The success of the Reservoir Center is dependent upon the involvement of partners and the joint development of events, outreach, and educational activities to advance progress towards the Reservoir Center’s mission and the collective interests of the water sector. We ask that you bring your passion, creativity, knowledge, openness, and ideas to the Reservoir Center.

What is the cost to become a partner?
There is no cost to become a partner nor to use our spaces during our normal business hours of 8am-5pm, along with limited availability for evening events (however, the cost of staff time beyond the normal business hours may be required). Partners that use the facility for their own organization’s needs will be required to cover their own event costs including catering, rentals, and AV production, if any.

How can my organization reserve SPACE AT THE Reservoir CENTER for events, meetings, or office space?
Partners have exclusive access to reserve our various spaces for events, team meetings, and individual office spaces. Reservation can be made through our website (using the Facility Request Form) and will be confirmed by a Reservoir Center team member before considered final.

We review partner applications on a quarterly basis, please reach out to if you have questions about your application status.