Reservoir Center for Water Solutions

You can create promotional and presentation materials and build awareness of the Reservoir Center for Water Solutions by downloading and using the assets on this page, including logos, color palette, font recommendations and PowerPoint presentation slides.

Reservoir Logos

Two versions of the Reservoir logo are available – a Long Version, which includes the “Center for Water Solutions” descriptor, and a Short Version without the descriptor. The Long Version is the preferred option, but the Short Version is allowed to be used in places where the descriptor is not legible and places where the Long Version has been used in previous slides or imagery. The logos are provided in color, black, and a white option that can be inverted on photographic backgrounds or fields of color from the color palette.

Color Logo – Long Version

Black Logo – Long Version

Inverted Logo – Long Version

Color Logo – Short Version

Black Logo – Short Version

Inverted Logo – Short Version

Color Palette

Colors derived from and complementary to the Reservoir logo make up the color palette. Breakdowns for common color spaces are included for each of the colors below.

Eerie Black

CMYK 14/7/0/89
HSB 210/14/11
RGB 24/26/28
Hex #181A1C

Prussian Blue

CMYK 60/35/0/70
HSB 215/61/29
RGB 29/48/74
Hex #1D304A


CMYK 23/7/0/78
HSB 198/24/22
RGB 42/51/55
Hex #2A3337

Slate Gray

CMYK 38/15/0/44
HSB 204/38/56
RGB 88/120/142
Hex #56788E

Xylem Blue

CMYK 93/4/8/24
HSB 194/100/68
RGB 0/133/173
Hex #0085AD


CMYK 0/6/16/5
HSB 35/16/94
RGB 240/224/201
Hex #F0E0C9


Raleway is the typeface used to create the Reservoir logo and is the preferred font for Reservoir. It is an open source font available in several weights from Adobe Fonts and can be used for text in any promotional or presentation materials. A secondary font, Roboto, is used in the PowerPoint presentation template and is also available from Adobe Fonts. In instances where Raleway or Roboto are unavailable, Arial, a widely-available system font, may be substituted.

PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint presentations are one of the most common forms of business communication, and a template to build Reservoir-branded presentations is available for download. A few sample slides from the template are shown below.






Download Branding Assets

Rev: 11-20-2023